THE BILLIONAIRE'S DECEPTION, a contemporary romance novel by Shawna Delacorte, from The Wild Rose Press. Scheduled for release on Monday, September 12, 2022. Available from Amazon and other online vendors.

High-powered billionaire Beverly Hills attorney Trent Nichols takes a three month sabbatical to shake his feeling of career burnout and ends up in the San Juan Islands off Washington State. Right away, he encounters a beautiful, down-to-earth owner of a diner/bar and feels an immediate attraction to her. But when she expresses a hostile opinion of attorneys, he decides to keep his profession to himself, a little deception he believes won't matter. He's not there to stay.

As a transplanted Chicago banker with a contentious divorce from a lying, cheating attorney, Cassie Brockton loves her new life on the island where she inherited a diner/bar from her great aunt. A stranger in town grabs her full attention, and though he's not telling her everything, she senses she can trust him and lets down her guard.

But when the island draws him in -- just the change his life needs --and his affection for Cassie grows, Trent's deception has him caught in its web that threatens both their futures.

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