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My first published novel, SARAH AND THE STRANGER, was released by Harlequin in August 1992 as part of their Silhouette Desire line. Twenty more Harlequin novels followed that first one including five mystery romantic/suspense novels from Harlequin's Intrigue line.

Starting in late 2010, Harlequin began reissuing my backlist titles as ebooks available in Harlequin's ebook store (http://ebooks.eharlequin.com) and also available from Barnes and Noble for Nook Books (www.bn.com) and from Amazon for the Kindle (www.amazon.com). Just type Shawna Delacorte in the search box at the websites to pull up a complete list.

On my Harlequin Backlist page there is a complete listing of all my Harlequin releases with cover, blurb, and original print release date.

On my website Currently Available page you'll find a listing of my books that are currently available, including the ebook reissues from my Harlequin backlist: cover, blurb, excerpts, and reviews.

Be sure to check out my website Bits and Pieces page for my biography, some short short story free reads, and the occasional miscellaneous surprise.

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